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Craig SeldinCraig Seldin knows how complicated it is when you need to find a reliable attorney. Throughout his decades of legal experience, Seldin has come to witness many mistakes and faulty moves that lawyers and clients can make. As a skilled and well-respected attorney serving the state of Texas, Seldin uses his working experience and exhaustive knowledge to avoid unnecessary legal issues.

Seldin follows a variety of values and ethics that will ensure that his clients are satisfied and get the results they deserve. Having worked in several areas of law, Seldin tackles a long list of practice areas. These practice areas often overlap and lend him the skills to take on many legal situations with full confidence.


Seldin’s services are always meant to satisfy the needs of customer. Within his client care you will find that Craig respects and utilizes these ideas:

  • Listening to the Client
    Among the many mistakes he commonly sees in law practices, is an attorney’s inability to listen to the clients needs. Whether the attorney is operating on their on financial interest or career gains, failure to listen to the client can result in further complications. While a client should trust and listen to the carefully prepared advice an attorney provides, their needs should come first.
  • Recognizing Costs
    As stated above, many attorneys take cases based on financial promise. However, Seldin works to avoid a client’s overall costs, before and after the situation is resolved. Especially in cases of divorce, Seldin pays attention to smaller details that others tend to overlook. For example, one such detail is avoiding future costs by recognizing taxes associated with assets.
  • Quick Resolution
    Not only does resolving a case in a timely fashion reduce costs incurred by both parties, but it eliminates a lot of headaches and unnecessary dilemmas. Although Seldin is fully prepared to bring your case to trial if necessary, he often works to negotiate or mediate between parties to achieve an acceptable result.
  • Direct Communication
    If you’re dealing with large firms or a distracted attorney, reaching them in a time of need can prove difficult.  Craig Seldin maintains direct contact with his clients by returning calls promptly and informing the client of every step in the legal process.
  • Dedication
    Often-times, an attorney may lose focus in the middle of your case resulting in an unwanted outcome. Seldin promises to see his cases to the very end and maintain a strong sense of dedication with aggressive action plans.
  • Staying Informed
    To become an attorney, you can’t just graduate from law school and continue to practice modern law; it’s a field that is changing every day. As a result of his roots in journalism, Seldin is keen to stay on top of all relevant news. He makes full use of comprehensive databases that supply him with the best information to provide thorough representation. By staying informed, Seldin can predict outcomes and avoid trips over unexpected changes.
  • Education and Recognition
    Seldin has involved himself with many notable cases that have made publication and is the recipient of the 2011 WOW Award as an outstanding attorney in Texas. The Law Offices of Craig Seldin, PLLC, are recognized for outstanding service to customers and representation of the legal profession.He credits much of his expertise to his education, where he studied at prestigious universities like Northwestern University and University of California at Berkeley. It was at these institutions where he developed a further interest in history and social issues, having studied subjects like European History and French Enlightenment.Seldin continued his academic excellence when he graduated from the University of Texas School of Law and passed the Texas State Bar. All of his clients can trust that his impressive knowledge amplifies his abilities to appropriately represent their cases.
  • Wide RepresentationCraig Seldin prides himself on offering a variety of legal services to his clients. The following are among his current practice areas:
    •   Civil Rights
    •  Immigration Law
    •  Contract Law
    •  Criminal Defense of Felonies
    •  Real Estate and Construction Law
    •  Deceptive Trade Practice Litigation
    •  Personal Injury

Craig Seldin – A Compassionate Attorney

Most legal situations involve fairly complex emotions and extenuating circumstances that often distract the focus of the client. In these situations, it’s not helpful for an attorney to avoid the needs of a client. While he works to quickly resolve cases with favorable results, Craig Seldin understands that some areas of the law are emotionally difficult.

Family Law

One of the most sensitive areas of law is that of family law. While the most common issue seen is divorce, there are other areas that are just as fragile. Although many court cases often have a guilty party, divorce does not always merit such direct judgment. The end of a marriage is brutal, not to just the separated couple, but to their family, friends and children.

Seldin makes sure to approach every case delicately and has offers clients useful tips so that they can come to a peaceful resolution. Other areas of family law that he is familiar with include:

  • Guardianships
  • Adoptions
  • Parental Rights

Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury

When you or someone you love is injured as a result of an incompetent doctor, you may end up feeling victimized or betrayed by a trusted professional. In severe cases, medical malpractice can result in death that was otherwise avoidable. Seldin is well-informed in this area of law and works to resolve these delicate cases without causing further harm to the affected parties.

He also strives to protect those who incurred personal injury through some form of accident or other situation. Often-times these cases can become complex due to insurance regulation and another party’s unwillingness to negotiate. Seldin has vast experience dealing with insurance companies and other businesses to ensure a justified outcome for his clients.

A Houston Representative

The Law Offices of Craig Seldin, PLLC, are located in the Houston area and focused on serving nearby residents. The practices of Craig Seldin involve a full understanding of Texas law codes and regulations. Attorney Craig Seldin is open to reviewing cases and invites potential clients to refer to him for an informed suggestion on their next course of action.

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