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Craig SeldinCraig Seldin is an attorney of law, based inHouston,Texas. Located in the largest city of the state, he has become one of the most well-respected and renown attorneys in the area. His dedication, integrity, and personal drive have all added to his clout. With him by their sides, his clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

With years of experience, Craig has covered numerous kinds of cases. From matters of immigration law to issues of real estate, Craig is poised experientially to tackle nearly any sort of case. He feels confident that his experience, education, and personal interests all help him solve clients’ cases.

Craig often provides legal representation in matters of family law. As issues known to be very close-to-home for clients, Craig takes the utmost care in these cases. Cases of family law may cover parental rights, guardianships, and adoptions. Other attorneys often choose to shy away from these cases, due to amount of sensitivity involved. But Craig, confident in his craft, carefully approaches the cases with thoughtfulness and tact.

These cases usually connect with real and emotional problems. Clients hire an attorney to legally represent them in a matter in which they are emotionally involved. This can often frighten clients away from hiring legal representation. But Craig feels that the values he implements as an attorney will welcome the client in.

The first step for Craig, above all, is to listen to the client. He knows that because the client is dealing with a family matter, he or she is weary. Clients often feel the need to be heard. Craig provides that ear to hear. In addition to comforting the client, it also provides the most amount of information about the case. Many attorneys make the mistake of rushing the client, thereby missing valuable information.

Because of this first value, Craig also maintains a direct line of communication with his clients. Larger firms employ busier clients. Clients may feel overwhelmed there. Craig makes it a personal goal to keep lines of communication open with each and every client he has. Keeping open and honest communication ensures the case always goes smoothly.

Another important aspect of attorney Craig Seldin’s work is his integrity. Some attorneys only see income opportunities when potential client approaches them. Craig, however, ensures that his work for each client is not over-priced. He works to efficiently make the best of each client’s financial contribution. He is particularly keen on making clients feel they are getting their money’s worth in his services.

Clients with cases of family law may struggle keep the end in sight. They may worry, even before hiring an attorney, that their cases will be drawn out. This may be a legitimate worry with many attorneys. Craig, however, utilizes streamlined methods that are both effective and cost-efficient for the client. He strives to quickly resolve issues in the best way possible.

While Craig’s approach may be streamlined, his care for his clients is not rushed or hastened. Matters of family law can tax a client emotionally. Craig’s desire is to see every client’s case settled with the littlest amount of discomfort. Desirous to see each client’s case to the very end, Craig serves his clients with care and dedication.

While many attorneys in the field may simply take over a case, Craig desires that every client stay well informed. On the Law Offices of Craig Seldin website, Craig offers legal and personal advice. This counsel particularly relates to matters of family law.

Craig Seldin—Family Law Advice

When it comes to family law, the most common cases are those involving divorce. With legal separations of all marriages around 50% inAmerica, it is easy to see why. When a couple sets out to divorce, both parties involved nearly always agree to good behaviors and choices. These involve personal behaviors as well as financial choices. For whatever reason, people do stray from these resolutions.

On his website, Craig Seldin lays out some general advice and guidelines for those going through with a divorce. This advice, if taken and used, can help avoid pitfalls that some clients may, sadly, experience. By the very nature of these cases, such pitfalls can ruin relationships and lives.

First of all, he reminds each client that their divorce remains just that—their divorce. When a client feels overwhelmed, he or she may feel the desire to almost give up control of the divorce. While an attorney is representing the client, Craig reminds, it is not the attorney’s divorce. The attorney simply represents legally the client’s own personal and legal decisions.

Another pitfall Craig sees is the mistake many clients make. When a couple goes through with a divorce, it is common to divide the couple’s property. While it may seem easier to mentally take stock of all the shared property, it is not wise to do so. Before a client even begins negotiation, both parties should take an inventory of what is physically owned and financially owed.

Within this same vein, Craig warns about some mistakes clients who have been left by their partners. This sort of client may desire to reignite the marriage by being overly kind and generous in the divorce. This most often is seen in property division negotiations. “Being nice” has not worked yet in any of the cases Craig has ever come across. In fact, he says it leads to great heartbreak since it often does not draw the couple back together.

A client who is going through divorce can often become emotionally weary. This often leads to the client’s family and friends urging them to act a certain way legally. Because of the client’s potential emotional state, the client can often become unwilling to stand up for himself or herself. Craig urges all of his clients to rely on their own judgments.

Attorney Craig Seldin knows that going through a divorce can become emotionally and financially taxing. Because of this, Craig Seldin ensures to make every client feel secure and comfortable. When a client hires the Law Offices of Craig Seldin, they know they will be cared for and respected.

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