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Craig SeldinCraig Seldin owns a law firm, headquartered in Houston, Texas. He provides many services to his clients. These include business and family law. Services also include negotiating with adjusters, and criminal law.

Craig provides expertise on the formation of new businesses, as well as probate issues. He provides assistance in business transactions and litigation. This may include various types of contracts, including insurance contracts.

Craig also advises clients who are seeking divorce. He says that the first mistake some make is letting an attorney take over everything. A client should be accountable for their own divorce. Therefore, an attorney such as Craig is an advisor and a leader in the courtroom. Some other mistakes clients make include:

• Not taking an inventory before dividing property
• Not gathering pertinent information, called in legal terms, discovery. Not letting the attorney handle all of it saves the client money. Paperwork may include the value of a home after taxes and the value of vehicles.
• Not paying enough attention to the impact that taxes will have on the divorce. Such things as capital gains on the sale of a home should be considered.
• Making a last-ditch effort to gain back the lost spouse by giving her everything. When she doesn’t come back, it usually creates resentment in the one left without anything.

In negotiating with adjusters on a personal injury claim, the expert Craig Seldin notifies all people involved in a client’s accident and files a claim. A client can help Craig’s investigation by providing items such as the police report and photos of the accident scene. According to Craig, most insurance claims are settled out of court.

Craig Seldin and the Model Penal Code

Craig Seldin defends criminal cases throughout the courts. For example, federal courts involve felonies that deal with federal property, employees or taxes. State courts deal with felonies such as robbery, rape, or murder.

Most felonies carry one or more years of imprisonment. Misdemeanors carry less than one year prison time. According to Craig, this system of dividing crimes into felonies or misdemeanors is being replaced. A system called the Model Penal Code (MPC) is being used in at least 22 states, including Texas.

Craig explains that through the MPC, crimes are classified by degree. For example, murder is considered a first-degree crime. Mischief, on the other hand is considered a fourth-degree crime.

In order to convict an accused party, the prosecutor must prove two basic elements. These elements are a guilty mind and a guilty act. If a person committed a guilty act with a guilty mind, a crime was committed.

The expert Craig Seldin explains that the MPC uses four conditions to describe the state of mind of the accused. These include:

• Purpose
• Knowledge
• Recklessness
• Negligence

In addition, Craig Seldin explains that the MPC includes specific elements as well. For example, for the accused to be convicted of murder, he would have purposely caused it. The professional Craig Seldin says that for a person to be convicted, the state must prove all elements, beyond a reasonable doubt.

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