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Craig SeldinHouston-based attorney Craig Seldin has been practicing law for over 30 years. There are many situations where people need lawyers. Obviously, you need a lawyer when a lawsuit is brought against you, or you’re arrested and charged with a crime. Other legal situations, however, may not involve the courts and legal system per se. You may be tempted to think, “This is something I can handle by myself.”

Craig Seldin urges you to remember the old adage: “The person who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

If a legal transaction’s outcome could involve a substantial financial loss or the loss of freedom, you need a lawyer. An attorney works as your advocate, securing your financial interests and legal rights. An attorney can give you sound advice that will help you better navigate the complex thicket of the law.

Many lawyers offer free consultations during which you can share the outlines of your case. The lawyer will tell you frankly then whether he or she will be able to help. The meter will start running only after you decide the attorney’s involvement is worth it.

Lawyers can be expensive. It’s best to do your own cost benefit analysis before you consult one. Compare the cost of a lawyer with the potential losses or gains in a given situation. Do you stand to lose more that the lawyer’s fee if a legal situation doesn’t go your way? Then the lawyer’s fee is definitely worth it, advises Houston personal injury lawyer Craig Seldin.

Keep in mind, too, that only lawyers can give legal advice. A paralegal may be able to prepare legal documents but he or she cannot give an informed opinion. A lawyer is an officer of the court, and as such, trained to interpret the law. A lawyer is also sworn to represent clients’ best interests. Any communication you have with a lawyer is protected by attorney client privilege.

Craig Seldin: When Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are statutes of limitation on most personal injury cases. This argues for hiring a lawyer sooner rather than later, even if you think the injury is minor. If you were injured by the negligence of another person, and insurance companies are involved, consider engaging a lawyer.

A lawyer can help collect the necessary documentation you’ll need to handle the case. A lawyer can help you communicate with the third parties you need to communicate with to collect compensation. These third parties may include claims adjusters, witnesses, medical providers, medical billing offices, bill collectors and others.

It’s more than likely your claim will not be against the person who injured you but that person’s insurance company. You can be sure that insurance company is amply represented by attorneys.

Personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency basis, notes lawyer Craig Seldin so you won’t be out of pocket. Personal injury lawyers like attorney Craig Seldin know the system and have the expertise to negotiate a good settlement. Craig Seldin thinks you will save time by working with a good personal injury attorney.

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