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Craig SeldinCraig Seldin is a Houston-based attorney with decades of professional experience. Though born and raised inTexas, he has traveled and worked in several different regions of the country. Through his extensive education and professional experience, he continues to serve theHoustonregion with the utmost integrity and determination.

Upon graduating high school, Craig followed his desire for further education. He took up attendance atNorthwesternUniversityinEvanston,Illinois. He studied a wide variety of subjects by taking an array of courses, focusing on European history. During his studies at Northwestern, Craig gained the respect of both professors and classmates alike.

In 1972, Craig decided to transfer schools. He was accepted to theUniversityofCaliforniainBerkeley,CA. He studied hard and learned an immense amount. He developed fierce social skills as well as a solid reputation among his peers and teachers. During his studies, he took French classes and became fluent in the language.

Through his education, Craig developed a massive knowledge. His diverse education strengthened his love of learning. With a strong educational background, he has benefited from being well versed in a wide variety of topics and subject.

Due perhaps to his strong Texan roots, Craig returned to his home state. It was there that he decided to attend law school. In 1974, he was accepted into theUniversityofTexasatAustinto pursue law. Since he became a member of the State Bar of Texas, he has continued to grow as an attorney. This is due not only to his strong education but also to his drive as a defender of the law.

Craig Seldin began his firm soon after, and has served the faithfully and dutifullyHoustoncommunity ever since. Clients who seek legal representation in theHoustonarea have experienced immense success with Craig. Due to his solid and substantial background, he serves his clients with confidence.

His clients see such great results because of Craig’s one-of-a-kind approach. He combines genuine personal care with aggressive legal techniques. Through this method, his clients experience an overwhelming sense of security, both personally and legally. The specificity of Craig’s methods ensure success whenever possible.

Craig’s superior legal guidance and advice goes unparalleled within his field. This is due to his ability to thoroughly assess a client’s case quickly and efficiently. His experience and education both aid this ability. When a client’s case is complicated, Craig takes the time to completely unveil each aspect of the file. This allows the most appropriate progress to happen with the case.

Though many attorneys can often become lax in their work with a client, Craig refuses to do so. He feels that the client’s money should be spent wisely. To this end, he works quickly so as not to take advantage of his clients’ legal predicaments. With extensive resources at hand, Craig swiftly dives into each case to determine how best to approach it.

Due to the nature of many cases, Craig desires to make each and every client feel supported. It’s often the case that clients start to feel alone, especially during trials. But Craig is committed to ensuring that his client stays involved in every aspect of their case. His practice of direct communication keeps clients afloat during the difficult processes of cases.

Because he values his clients above all else, Craig is known for his devotion and dedication to cases. Once he takes on a case, he completes it through to the end. By coming to whatever solution the case may need, he devotes his full attention to the client’s needs.

Though his methods may seem particularly dynamic legally, Craig Seldin’s personal approach is meek and friendly. Though he has served as a legal representative for years, his personality is welcoming. Clients feel comfortable talking to Craig and inviting him to take their cases.

Craig Seldin—Serving Knowledgably and Compassionately

Due to his vast experience, attorney Craig Seldin takes on cases of all kinds. Both his education and his extensive work as an attorney have allowed him to work confidently with a variety of cases. These subjects include

  • General Practice
  • Drug Crime Defense
  • DWI Defense
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Deceptive Trade Practice Litigation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Contracts
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Construction Law Litigation
  • Business Transactions and Litigation
  • Civil Trial Practice (State and Federal Court)

Craig’s top-tier education and immense professional experience allow him to address all sorts of cases. This diversity permits him to take on more potential clients’ cases. Because of experience and his dedication, Craig has seen clients find legal success. This success is directly tied to his unique approach and diverse knowledge. His methods in all cases are both legally aggressive and personally kind.

Because of the diversity of his knowledge and potential cases, Craig maintains a compassionate attitude at all times. He knows the devastation that could have led to any of his clients’ cases. This is precisely why clients are drawn to him. His professional success and personal kindness serve as the perfect combination for legal success.

Many of the types of cases he takes on involve emotional hardship. For example, cases of family law often involve the breaking apart of relationships. This can include, not only adult couples, but also children. With this in mind, Craig works quickly, but gently, to resolve any issues of this matter.

In addition, matters of personal injury or medical malpractice can also lead to emotion affliction. Clients often feel victimized and hurt, both physically and emotionally, from the experiences prior to the case. Craig ensures that each case is attended to with the utmost care.

Attorney Craig Seldin knows that legal processes pertaining to emotional matters can become a strain for clients. This is why Craig Seldin makes certain that every client is well tended to and feels secure throughout the legal dealings. The Law Offices of Craig Seldin ensures the stability and success of each and every client.

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