Craig Seldin: Custody After Divorce

Craig SeldinWhen parents divorce, one of the primary questions is “who will get custody of the kids?” In some cases, deciding custody is easy, as one parent might have been abusive or absent. In others, the children are old enough to decide who they want to live with. Some parents are able to come up with an equal plan between themselves. Divorce attorney Craig Seldin has often had to provide counsel when parents have been unable to work out a suitable custody arrangement.

Types of Custody

Custody comes in two forms: joint and sole. Under a joint custody arrangement, the parents have equal rights for decision-making regarding the health, education, and care of the child. Under a sole custody arrangement, only one parent has  the majority of decision-making powers for the child. The non-custodial parent typically has to pay child support to help financially with the child’s rearing.

With joint custody, while the parents may have equal decision making responsibilities,. they make not have equal rights to time of possession of the child. For example, the child might primarily live with one parent and see the other every other weekend and during the week for short daytime visits. Although the child spends more time with one parent, both parents have a say in how he is raised, points out attorney Craig Seldin.

Who Can Get Custody

Generally, only parents are awarded custody of a child. That includes adoptive parents as well. In some cases, a grand-parent might be awarded custody over a biological parent. The biological parent must have passed away or not be able to care for the child.

Craig Seldin: Deciding Custody

It’s often better for the parents to come to an agreement on their own, without needing the opinion of the court. However, even parents who come to a friendly agreement about custody will benefit from having a court ordered custody agreement and working with a lawyer. The signed agreement serves as an official document and leaves no question about who cares for the child.

Attorney Craig Seldin has years of experience in family and divorce law. With the advice of Craig Seldin, parents can come up with a reasonable child custody agreement. Craig Seldin advises divorcing parents to consult a lawyer in their state for support and help through what is often a difficult process.

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